1st MBT Workshop on mobile EEG in Belgrade

EEG technology is on it’s way out of the lab into real world settings. Therefore, mBrain Train has organized their first Workshop on mobile EEG in the beautiful capital of Serbia to bring together experts from the community. Two MSNE students were invited (Mert Keser and Florian Schönleitner) and took this chance not only to listen to inspiring talks but also to discuss all the various challenges that arise when moving BCI applications from well defined lab environments to uncontrollable daily life situations.

Besides debating about scientific questions, they of course also enjoyed the culture and nightlife of Belgrade. The workshop took place in the middle of the historic city center with all its delicious restaurants and old buildings - to the Belgrade Fortress it was just a 5 min walk. The farewell party at the Beton Hala, an accumulation of modern bars and clubs directly at the promenade of the river Save, concluded the workshop and offered a nice opportunity to get in touch with all the other people on a less formal level (especially as the beer was for free the whole evening and it went quite late the last day…)

After the two-day workshop we are back in Munich with a lot of new insights about mobile EEG, an increased network of experts in the field and last but not least lasting impressions from an underestimated city at the edge of Europe. Of course, we also will use the new knowledge in our CyberTUM team to improve the performance of the BCI system.

Additional photos of the event are available on Flickr.

Florian Schönleiter

Mert Keser