Christkindl Market

On Dec. 9th we met with the MSNE program manager, Florian Rattei, at one of the many Christkindl-Markets in Munich for some nice hot Glühwein. The medival-themed market with its many craftsmen and -women including a glassblower, a goldsmith and calligraphers as well as the authentic wooden stalls immediately makes one forget the stressful daily routine and emits a traditional Christmassy atmosphere. Standing around a stump that served as a table for our Glühwein cups, we also talked about organisational matters and planned activities like the writing of this blog.

Welcome to our blog!

We are students from the Master of Science program in Neuroengineering (MSNE) at the Technical University in Munich and are using this site to share our experiences. This blog serves two purposes: We want to write a diary about the many great things that we are doing and experiencing. The blog is also supposed to give information to students interested in joining the program. Disclaimer: This is a personal blog by the students in the Neuroengineering program and not an official website by TUM.