Farewell for Prof. Jörg Conradt

As our co-director Prof. Jörg Conradt will be moving to KTH (Sweden) in August to build up a research group there, Auguste and I organized a farewell party for him. With support from the Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology, we set up a bunch of tables in the backyard of the Karlsstraße university building and everyone of us neuroengineering students brought some food. Mirroring the diversity of our nationalities we had a plethora of tasty dishes, from Bavarian brezels and Italian caprese salad to great eastern dishes that I can’t remember the names of. We were also joined by several of Jörg’s PhD students. It was especially nice to see the whole ICS team of Prof. Gordon Cheng coming by and giving their best wishes.

Auguste held a fantastic farewell speech, thanking Jörg for everything he did for our program and remembering some of our events together, like last year’s football cup. Afterwards, it was my pleasure to hand over our presents: A warm neuroengineering hoodie for the cold Swedish winters, a neuroengineering cap for the bright summers and a framed photo of our team at the football cup with our signatures.

We wish Jörg all the best for his time in Sweden and hope to keep in touch.

Nicolas Berberich