Farewell for Alex Knorr

Alexander Knorr spent two semesters with the first and the second batch and one semester with the third batch. He had the role of a tutor on Computational Neuroscience and Statistics and Probability, was always present on the lectures and not only that! He joined the TUM Campus run under the group name “Neuruns” together with some students and some other faculty associates.

When Prof. Glasauer left LMU last semester, Alex continued to support Prof. Macke on the lectures of Computational Neuroscience. Unfortunately for us, like any PhD student, he comes to an end with his PhD project and will not be tutoring for MSNE anymore.

We didn’t want him to leave without a proper goodbye, so we organized a farewell party, where we enjoyed the evening talking about Neuroscience and plans for the future. In the name of all MSNE students I want to wish Alex all the best in his future career and thank him for his support during our studies.

Viktorija Dimova