Neuroengineering Matinee (MSNE Summit 2019)

The Neuroengineering Matinee took place the morning of the 16th of January at the Vorhoelzer Forum. Led by Professor Jakob Macke, two guest talks were held:

Afterwards, MSNE students held a presentation and poster session, introducing the audience to the research projects carried out during the program:

  • Christoph Kocher: Measuring effective connectivity with convolutional neural networks
  • Pranshul Saini: The effect of intensive meditation training on cognitive functioning during Stroop task
  • Yagmur Yener: Fully Automated Reconstruction of Glia and their Relationship with Neurons
  • Elisa Pavarino: Connectome of the newborn nerve
  • Jonas Braun: Uncovering muscle population dynamics of locomotion using LFADS

Finally, the members of the neuroengineering community further discussed the topics of interest while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Subsequent events where MSNE students presented their work were

Doctoral seminar (ICS, CNE, HCR) 23.01.

  • Lucas Stoffl: Short-term plasticity on SpiNNaker

Doctoral seminar (ICS, CNE, HCR) 30.01. Dr.-Ing. Barbara Kühnlenz: Robots as socio-cognitive persuasive agents

  • Janne Lappalainen: A theoretical framework to derive simple, firing-rate-dependent mathematical models of synaptic plasticity
  • Viktorija Dimova: Modeling the voltage distribution of implanted electrodes in the brain

Guest talk 21.02. - Dr. Ganesh Gowrishankar: Bad performance in sports is contagious: prediction error induced motor contagions in human behaviors

  • Suleman Zaidi: Linguistic analysis with stereo EEG data for functional Aphasia location
  • Francisco Zurita: Influence of geometry on signal propagation in heart muscle cell networks

Francisco Zurita