15x4 Munich

At the beginning when we (as a second batch of MSNE) started this program, Steffen shared one event with us. It was about 4 lectures that were 15 minutes each and mostly related to Neuroscience. Around 10 fresh minds, eager for new knowledge, especially if related to neuroscience, went to the event. It left me a very good impression and after this event, the events from 15x4 Munich were visited regularly by students from our program.

In the summer semester exam session, to relax a bit from studying, I went on a hike organized by 15x4 Munich, where I got a lot of insides from one of the main organizers. That sparked my attention and I finally decided to start volunteering.

The team is international and everyone works in different fields. The goal is to bring science closer to people. That’s why the talks are on a basic level, where everyone attending the event without background knowledge can understand a rather complex science topic.

Kick-off volunteer meeting

To start the new season of events, 15x4 had it’s kick-off volunteer meeting in our beloved N1135 where the future plans were discussed.

Check the Facebook page from 15x4 Munich to see what events are coming next. In an earlier event, Steffen also gave a 15x4 talk about Unsupervised learning:

Viktorija Dimova